Trail Life Troop
Troop NC-613, The Shepherd’s Church of Cary NC
Trail Life Troop NC-613

Visit Scheduling


Visiting Troop NC-613

Visiting Troop NC-613

Trail Life Troop NC-613 at The Shepherd’s Church welcomes prospective members to visit before deciding whether to join our troop.

We strongly encourage pre-arranged visits, as our patrols have a variety of activities and we would like to make sure you are visiting on a representative night for the age group of your sons.

The next opportunity to visit will be: Monday, April 22, 2024

Start by Selecting Meeting

Mon Apr 22nd6:30 PM Trail Life
Shepherd‘s Girls also available
Trail Life Troop NC-613 is a ministry of The Shepherd’s Church of Cary NC.
Revised through 4/21/2024